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Nellsar Care Homes

Nellsar Care Homes

We have been a client of Thickbroom for over 25 years. Throughout this time their services have been of the highest standard and invaluable in the support of our strategic business plan and the significant growth of the company. Their specialist knowledge of the care sector has been crucial when providing advice and support particularly during the past two very challenging years of Covid. The staff are always professional, responsive and very supportive, they work extremely well as a team, nothing is ever too much trouble and every problem has a solution. We couldn’t wish for more and would highly recommend their services without hesitation. Although highly professional, they are also very empathetic and frankly for accountants a good laugh - not the usual boring old farts that accountants can be!

Glenda Osmotherly

Nellsar pride themselves on being a family-run care business; For over 30 years they have worked hard to build their trusted reputation in the industry.

None of these years have proved more challenging than the difficulties faced during the pandemic. March 2020 was the official start of lockdown, however, Nellsar locked down their Homes as soon as they heard about the threat of COVID-19, while waiting for the government to issue official guidelines. Taking this early action was the first in many key steps taken to stop the virus entering their Homes, keeping their residents and staff safe.

In order to make informed decisions, it was vital that Nellsar Senior Management had access to real-time information and statistics. Thickbroom were tasked with providing a weekly COVID Pack outlining occupancy figures, details of COVID-19 cases, staffing analysis, increased cost information and access to PPE; Their assistance was pivotal to Nellsar surviving the pandemic.

Thickbroom developed bespoke reports to identify key information that was also passed onto Government Officials to gain an understanding of the impact that COVID-19 was having on the care industry. Managing the threat of COVID-19 whilst maintaining the care for their residents was fundamental to Nellsar and Thickbroom.

MMP Consultancy

MMP Consultancy

Thickbroom's support and guidance has been incredible and really allowed MMP to fulfil its potential. They have always been right by our side, particularly during the pandemic when times have been difficult. We managed to not only continue with business but grow the business. They have also assisted me in personal tax planning which has enabled me to plan for the future and protect my family. Joe and the team have been amazing since day one.

Alastair Maynard

Established in 2013, MMP Consultancy has already become a leading agency within its field. Since being formed the business plan was clear, to become the go-to agency within the Public Sector.

Alastair Maynard was a star in London’s recruitment industry, having successfully made a name for himself amongst the elite, Alastair faced the question that most successfully driven employees do when they feel they may have hit the ceiling in employment – I want to start my own company….

Alastair was introduced to Thickbroom at the start of his journey to create a leading agency of his own. From humble beginnings, Thickbroom supported Alastair from initial set up, practice management and business planning and strategy. From what was a small start, Thickbroom are proud to have serviced and supported a true success story.

Not only do Thickbroom represent MMP Consultancy as accountants but offer a completely bespoke back-office support structure to the agency and have adapted to increasing demands as the business goes from strength to strength. Our insight into how the back-office should be managed and processed allowed Alastair and the team around him to focus on what they do so well.

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