Ware Office

Where businesses seem to be moving away from the high street and focusing on remote services, we have decided to take a different path. Our additional premises in Ware will allow us to build stronger personal connections with our clients with an emphasis on face to face interactions.


Apprenticeship Scheme Opens

Towards the end of 2022, Thickbroom started its first official apprenticeship scheme, with the plan to take on multiple apprentices each year.


The New Era

In April 2022 we got a well overdue makeover. This is reflected in the branding you can see on this very web site. We have also made further improvements technology-wise and are now fully cloud-based.


The World Shuts Down

Being forced to remain at home during the Covid pandemic meant we had to improve our IT infrastructure. Heavy investment in remote working facilities meant every employee was able to continue to support our clients.


Michael becomes a Director

Michael became one of our directors in 2020. As a non-accountant, Michael’s experience in staff management, recruitment and multi-site management has been influential as we look to grow the company for the future.


Marion becomes a Director

Marion became a director in 2015. Marion's IT based background in the city brought fresh approaches on how to streamline our processes.


Joe becomes a Director

Joe quickly progressed to become a director of the firm in 2012. Since then he has led the firm through continued growth and enabled us to reach the size we are today.



The business incorporated in 2011; but continued to push forward in finding new ways to grow and support clients. By this point the firm was mostly paperless and offering the ability for remote staff working.


New Leadership

Seeking retirement, Peter Thickbroom & Reginald Coventry passed the practice on to Dennis Timbers & Steve Taylor, the firm continued to grow particularly in areas of audit, taking on subsidiaries of international groups.


New Premises

The firm quickly grew and moved just down Waltham Cross high street to the current premises we have today.


Chance Meeting

After meeting Reginald Coventry, they went into business together formed as Messrs Thickbroom & Coventry acting out of a small Victorian house in Waltham Cross, now the site of Eleanor House.


Small Beginnings

Peter Thickbroom starts providing accountancy services operating out of a small house opposite the Green Dragon Pub in Palmers Green.


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As accountants, we know our clients and their businesses inside and out. In fact, we pride ourselves on this. We think this should go both ways.

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